key personnel

Peter Cumming BTRP, FPIA, AFAIM, CPP - Director.

Peter has over thirty years experience and was the City Planning Manager for Brisbane City Council from 1996 to 2004 and had oversight of the Brisbane City Plan 2000, the development of local plans, infrastructure planning and forward planning for inner and greenfield growth areas. Peter has been the chief planner for Wollongong, the Latrobe Valley and the Tamar Valley. Peter has worked on major development projects in Australia, Asia, the Middle East and Europe and lectures in planning practice at the University of Queensland. Peter’s specialties are:

Flannan Morley BRTP, MPIA, CPP – Partner.

Flannan has 30 years of town planning experience and has held senior positions in the private and government sectors. Flannan was the Director of Town Planning in the Jensen Bowers group, a co-founder and Director of HSM Planners, and, has been a Senior Planner and Team Leader with the Brisbane City Council. Flannan has managed a range of development projects and planning approvals for retail centres, residential subdivisions, industrial developments and subdivisions. Flannan’s specialties are:


Peter Macgregor GDURP - Solicitor.

Peter has over 30 years’ experience in planning law, development advice and development management. Peter had his own law practice for many years and has provided planning and legal advice on major residential, commercial and industrial projects in Queensland and New South Wales. Peter specialises in:

Tony Winter B.A., FAIUS.

Tony Winter was the founder and Managing Director of Plant Location International – one of Australia’s foremost retail and planning research consultancies. Tony’s experience and knowledge of retailing and shopping centre planning spans 40 years and he has worked on major retail and master planned community projects throughout Australia and New Zealand. Tony specialises in:

Lyndsay Neilson B.A., FPIA, FAICD, FIPAA.

Lyndsay is one of the most experience and awarded planners in Australia and has headed or has been deputy-head of several Commonwealth and Victorian State Departments involved in urban and regional planning, environment and sustainability, and infrastructure and housing, including head of the National Capital Planning Authority and the Department of Sustainability and Environment in Victoria. He has consulted widely to the public and private sectors throughout Australia and internationally. Lyndsay specialises in:

Douglas Jardine BA, B Legal Studies, MPIA, MRTP.

Doug is a very experienced local government planner and has held senior planning positions in the UK, Wollongong and Northern NSW. Doug has undertaken major strategic planning and scheme reviews and resides in northern NSW. Doug specialises in:

Michael Kirsch B App.Sc. (Planning), Ass. Dip. Bus.

Michael has over 25 years’ experience in town planning and has held senior planning positions in local and state government in Victoria and NT. Michael resides in Melbourne and has undertaken major planning reviews and Scheme amendments and is a member of Planning Panels Victoria. Michael’s specialties are:

Tracy Stinson B. Econ, MBA, MIPAA.

Tracy is an experienced mediation and training specialist and has project managed training, change management and communications projects for the public and private sectors in NSW and Queensland. Tracy has managed regional collaboration in Southeast Queensland, retail services for Gold Coast Water and economic research projects. Her specialties are: