our philosophy

Keep it simple. For example, for major planning applications approval processes have got far more complicated in recent years. A great deal of money can be spent at the front end on trying to cover every detail at the outset. Our approach is to work with the client and then through discussion with the local Council/Departments and prelodgement processes, establish exactly what is required to achieve a successful outcome. This is the opposite approach to many large consultancies who seek to involve as many staff as possible early on.

Manage the process with experienced professionals who carry the project through whether the process is short or long. On large projects we select a team of professionals with the client to go forward.

Provide value for money by reducing overheads. We are a small firm and we haven’t got large plush offices so the client doesn’t pay for them. Our rates are very competitive despite our wealth of experience and very successful track record.

We collaborate with the most experienced professionals and firms on major projects in the fields of urban design, traffic and transport planning, environment, and engineering services. We often collaborate with the following firms: